By 27 Aug 2015, there are 2,316 enrolled learners on eTourism MOOC. And the number continues to increase. You are welcome to join aboard!

This is an introductory course to a fascinating journey into the eTourism world, which crosses both space and time, and is always closely connected with communication. We are embarking to create a great study experience, which explores how Information and Communication Technologies shape tourism – both for our personal experience and for the tourism industry at large. In other words, we will together explore eTourism by using tools and models from the Communication Sciences.

Key concepts and theories covered include: Online Communication Model; Roman Jakobson’s Communication Model; Quality of online contents; User Generated Content; Web 2.0; Reputation in online Media; Intercultural Communication and Localisation; eLearning; Argumentation; World Heritage Sites.

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eTourism MOOC has 2,000+ enrollment!
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