The long waiting and preparing of the MOOC development team at Università della Svizzera italiana seem to pay back in a very promissing way. As first MOOC in the topic of eTourism, eTourism: Communication Perspectives absolutely makes its way to become a hotspot of attraction globally. Since its official open date (October 5, 2015), this MOOC has attracted over 4,800 learners from every continent in this world. As it is displayed in the map, in particular quite a lot of European learners gather in this course to learn, communicate and get connected.

map of learners

Among these learners, we have diverse groups distributed in both developing countries and developed countries. From the geographical representation, it becomes interesting to see that this online learning course becomes a strong interest to developing countries in Asia and Africa, such as Philippines (276), India (193), China (92), and Ghana (84).

According to the statistics, there are more females than males in the MOOC. And the majority of the learners are of the age group in “31-40 years old”. The numbers are quite a comforting results for the organizers of the MOOC because they partially relfect that this online course well serves the purposes of education equality, professional development, and life-long learning in the setting of massive open online learning.

In the Facebook group surrounding this MOOC,  nearly 600 learners are active in the community. On Twitter, under the hashtag of #eTourismMOOC, there is a long list of conversation and sharing around.

Now eTourism: Communication Perspectives MOOC is on the Chapter 4 in its fourth week. Half of the journey is finishing up. Both learners and organizers are happy, which is worth of a celebration. We sincerely wish the half remaining journey will be as stunning as the first half.

If you haven’t enrolled in this MOOC yet, we highly suggest your click on the button ENROL on the page of  eTourism: Communication Perspectives MOOC. We believe it will be a wonderful journey for you as well. See you online.

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Half Way of USI eTourism MOOC: 4,800+ Global Learners are Following!
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