Communication with iversity has been smooth and productive. Iversity is platform partner for launching USI MOOCs.

Iversity ( is based in Germany with users of 500,000. It was founded by Jonas Liepmann and Hannes Klöpper in 2013. Users can either use their emails to sign up or log in on the platform, or using existing Google or Facebook accounts to access to the platform.

Year Founded 2013
Country Germany
Users 500,000
No. of Courses 47
Subject Categories Not categorized
Support Italian Language Yes
Responsive Interface Yes
  1. Video
  2. Text page
  3. File attachment
  4. Links
  5. Sections
  6. Progress
  7. Quiz
  8. Assignment
  9. Peer assessment
  10. Discussion
Cost Free
Study Mode Time-driven + Self-paced
Learning Analytics Supported



Once the student enters the course page, s/he will find four key sections: 1) chapters: iversity’s MOOCs follow a two-level structure, where each course is divided into chapters and chapters are divided into units. A chapter usually consist of around 6-10 units. 2) announcements: all announcements by the instructors, ordered chronologically. 3) discussions: the forum is the main tool for students to interact with each other and instructors. 4) course info: this is where one can find the course’s detailed syllabus and all other important information regarding schedule, deadline, policies and expectations.

Inside the chapters, students have two types of units: content and homework. Every content unit consists of a main resource (usually a video), quizzes, as well as additional material, references and attachments. The second type of unit inside a chapter is a homework. It is mainly used as a feedback mechanism, where students can apply and review the content learnt in the unit.

Quizzes are displayed next to the main resource and serve as a teaching element and therefor are not graded. There are three types of quizzes: single choice, multiple choice and free text quizzes. Homework assignments are used to test cross-unit learnings and are time boxed. It has same three types as the quiz has. For the assessment, iversity also has peer evaluation, peer-grading, exams and projects, as well as online proctored exams.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) were offered in three MOOCs on iversity. Iversity offers choices to grant statement of participation for free, and certificates for charged price (Certificate of Accomplishment (CoA), and Certificate of Accomplishment with ECTS Credits).

The details can be found on sharedfolder under the iversity folder.

Regarding certification, there are several aspects on iversity which needs to be clarified below.

Audit Track: The Audit Track is the simplest study path you can choose at iversity. You can enrol in any course through the Audit Track, and it’s free! The Audit Track gives you access to all course material, the opportunity to participate in the online course community and at the end, after successfully completing the course, you receive a Statement of Participation.

Statement of Participation: The Statement of Participation is an official free document issued by iversity, which states that you have participated in a course. It is cost-free, but ungraded, and you are eligible to receive only if you have passed the progress threshold established by the instructor.

Certificate of Accomplishment: The Certificate of Accomplishment is an official free document issued by iversity, which states that you have successfully completed the course. It is graded, identity-verified and signed by your instructor. It also includes a short description of the course content. If you achieve a top 10% grade, this will be noted on your certificate.

Certificate Supplement: The Certificate Supplement includes detailed information about the course content and structure, an overview of your learning achievements and a brief explanation of the grading scheme. It is free.

Certificate Track (with an online-proctored exam): The Certificate Track (with an online-proctored exam) is a paid study path in which you are required to take a final online-proctored exam. You have access to all course material and the opportunity to participate in the online course community.

Certificate Track (with a final graded course project): The Certificate Track (with a final graded course project) is a paid study path in which you are required to create a final graded course project. 

ECTS Track: The ECTS Track is a paid study path in which you are required to participate in a final on-site exam. You have access to all course material and the opportunity to participate in the online course community. At the end, after successfully passing the final on-site exam, you receive a Certificate of Accomplishment and a Certificate Supplement. After having successfully completed the course and having passed the exam, you will also be qualified to receive ECTS credits. These credits are issued by the instructor’s teaching university, and not iversity. However, it is important that you first contact your home University to check whether they accept the credits or not.



Iversity will host and support our courses at no cost.  But for all charged certificates sold, USI will only keep 40% out of the course revenue.


Existing Academic Institutions Partners

Over 30 academic partners are already offering courses on iversity and many more have signed contracts to offer courses in the future. The existing academic partners include:

  • Global Labour University
  • Hertie School of Governance
  • Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT)
  • LUISS Giudo Carli
  • RWTH Aachen
  • Tomsk State University
  • Università di Padova



iversity agrees to partner with USI at no cost. Here comes the details below.

  • USI has to sign cooperation contract and two course contracts with iversity.
  • After signing the contracts, iversity will have the course enrolment pages available online for each course of our MOOCs.
  • A test chapter of each course is required to be uploaded to iversity three months prior to the official course launching date.
  • At least half of the courses materials should be uploaded to iversity three weeks prior to the course launching date.
  • Iversity will send out pre-course and post-course surveys to our course participants and share the feedback with us.
  • USI will keep 40% out of the course revenue
iversity: an overview of USI MOOCs hosting platform
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