After the Boards meeting at USI on March 26, 2015, iversity has been chosen as the MOOCs platform partner to support and host our two MOOCs. The project director Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni made a presentation and demonstration to the president and the deans on four shortlisted platforms including UK based platform FutureLearn, Germany platform iversity, US based platforms NovoED and Canvas Network. Based on general consideration of platform features, university visibility supported, and financial cost, the two Boards made a consistent decision on the choice of iversity.

So far the MOOCs project at USI has successfully completed the first milestone, which is the technology benchmarking phase to choose a suitable MOOC platform for USI MOOCs. Now the team can smoothly move from the first phase to the next phases.

The more details of the platform iversity can be found in this post.


USI started partnership with German platform iversity on MOOCs
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