Hereafter, you may find a list of all available eLearning courses for travel agents about national tourism destinations around the globe, plus some courses at the Region/City level.
If you know about any other available online training courses about tourism destination, please, let us know, and we will be happy to update the list.

Country eLearning Course Title Region/City
Andorra Andorra Online Training
Antigua & Barbuda  Antigua and Barbuda Specialist
Anguilla Anguilla Expert
Aruba Aruba Certified Expert Program
Australia The Aussie Specialist Program
Austria Austrian Certified Travel Specialist Austrian Cities
Bahamas Bahamas Specialist Program  Nassau Paradise Island Specialist
Barbados Barbados Elite Club
Belize Belize  Specialist Program
Bhutan Basic Course on Bhutan
Botswana Botswana Tourism Training Course
Brazil Brazil Training Course
Canada Canada Specialist Program Atlantic Canada; Niagara Ambassador; Quebec
Chile Chile Specialist Program
China Hong Kong; Macau; Macau Specialist
Costa Rica Costa Rica Specialist
Cuba Destination Cuba
Denmark  Copenhagen Specialist
Dominica Dominica Training Course
Dominican Republic Expert in Dominican Republic; Dominican Republic Specialist
Egypt Egypt Specialist Program
El Salvador El Salvador Specialist Graduate
Fiji Fiji Matai Program
France France Specialists Training Course Corsica; Destination Training Upper Rhine; New Caledonia Online Training; Sud de France Travel Academy
Gambia Gambia Guru
Germany  Germany Specialist Program  Hamburg Specialist Training; Destination Training Upper Rhine
Iceland Iceland Specialist
India Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Program  Basic Course on Goa
Ireland Ireland Specialist
Italy Italy
Jamaica Jamaica Training Program
Japan Japan Travel Specialist for North&South America Travel Agents  Be Okinawa
Jordan Jordan Travel Specialist; Jordan Travel Specialist Course
Kenya Kenya E-Learning Course for Nordic Agents
Maldives Basic Course on Maldives
Malta Learn Malta; Malta Specialist Program
Mauritius Mauritius Destination Training Programme
Mexico Magic of Mexico Cancun; Los Cabos; MazatlánPuerto Vallarta
Monaco Monaco Expert Program
Namibia Namibia Know It All
New Zealand Kiwi Specialist Programme
Norway Norway Expert
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Specialist
Peru Peru Travel Specialist
Poland Poland Specialist
Qatar Tawash Program
Samoa Sell Samoa
Seychelles Seychelles Training Programme; Seychelles Selling Travel
Singapore Singapore
Slovenia Feel Slovenia
South Africa South African Expert Training Cape Town
Spain Spain Specialist Programme Gran Canaria
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Training
St.Kitts St. Kitts Expert Training
St.Lucia Saint Lucia Expert
Sweden Southern Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland Travel Academy Basel Specialist – Do Bist Basel; Destination Training Upper Rhine
Thailand Thailand Expert
Turkey Discover Turkey
United Kingdom Britain Agent SCOTSagent
USA Visit USA Training Alaska; Go Hawaii; Las Vegas; New Orleans; Orlando Travel Academy
Vanuatu Vanuatu Specialists